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erschienen auf "circular waves" und "semantics - the lounge sessions"
Lyrics by JT

an accident on planet earth
nobody has survived
destruction everywhere
wasted earth
you are the only one alive
the grabbing hands of death
took everything they could
the ambush
the violence...

the world is empty, silent, sick
the sky sends acid tears
the madness ends, the truth has come
on dark wings came the ancient fear
the times of wishes, wonders, faith has gone and won't return
we've touched the sky, lived arrogant
it's well deserved that we do burn

the rotten bodies, toxic minds
obnoxious lies in vain
enticement of oblivion
attempt to cover up the stain
we all felt out of favour
with our gods and can't revive the world of past
we sacrificed too willingly too many lives